by Rachael Minnihan, Licensed Aesthetician

Rachael Minnihan, Licensed Aesthetician

The men and women who come to see me are concerned with aging skin. They are very unhappy with fine lines, pigmentation or age spots, and wrinkles that have accumulated to their face, neck and upper chest. This occurs, of course, with normal aging and excess sun exposure. A great many also mention that they are seeing thinning hair.

I often recommend patients start a medical level skin care program, sometimes combined with a series of chemical peels if they want a quick start to improving the appearance of their skin. Recently the Skin Wellness Center acquired the NeoLTS Light Therapy System. NeoLTS is FDA cleared and clinically proven to improve the appearance of skin and hair. I now recommend that patient start on a medical level skin care system combined with a series of NeoLTS treatments for a rapid improvement to the condition and appearance of their skin and hair. We have long known that people feel better with warm sunlight. Now, lights are now used to heal and repair skin and hair. NeoLTS improves skin tone, texture and overall clarity and has shown to increase hair thickness where here has been loss.

NeoLTS light system is the process if exposing the skin to three wavelengths (colors) of light to help the body (cells) combat signs of aging and heal faster. The three wavelengths are the blue light wavelength which treats mild to moderate acne, the red light wavelength which targets inflammation and the near infrared wavelength which stimulates the production of your skin’s natural collagen and elastin and tissue production. These three wavelengths can be combined to treat specific skin or hair conditions.

NeoLTS treatments reduce pigmentation, soften fine lines anywhere on the face, stimulate collagen production, and reduce inflammation (redness and swelling). Treatments also helps with any swelling or bruising after dermal injections. One patient has noticed a reduction of fine lines on her upper lip after just four treatments. This patient commented that she found the treatments relaxing and that it felt like sunbathing with out the damage. I can see that her skin has more color and is more even toned. (She can tend to be sallow.) The patient is thrilled about the additional benefit of improvement for her areas of thinning hair near the sides of her forehead. The results are long term with a simple maintenance plan. There’s no down time, no discomfort and no side effects.

I suggest that patients start on medical level skin care and a series for NeoLTS treatments or the patient can simply choose to start with the light treatments. We offer a NeoLTS package of two Neolight treatments per week for 4 weeks. Treatments are about 30 minutes each. The cost is only $300 for 8 treatments. Separately, treatments would cost $400. We are very excited about the results we have seen with the NeoLTS Light therapy system.

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