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Easier and More Successful With Newest Lasers

Portsmouth, NH – Tattoo artistry has become mainstream in America. Approximately 14 percent of Americans, or about 45 million people, have at least one tattoo. However, many of those have come to regret getting a tattoo and have sought to remove their body art. In fact, almost 100,000 tattoo removal procedures were performed in 2011 — a 20% increase from the 80,000 tattoo removal procedures that took place in 2010.

About one in eight people who have a tattoo said they regretted getting it, according to a Harris Survey. Dr. Mark Ballentyne, Director of Aesthetic Medicine at Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center, comments, “The number one reason people tell me that they want a tattoo removed is that they change their mind as they have gotten older. A second and increasingly important reason is that, lately, visible tattoos are frowned upon by employers as conflicting with business dress codes.”

Until recent years, the only option in tattoo removal was to have the regretted tattoo surgically removed. Now, tattoos are easily eliminated with little or no scarring and can be treated with outstanding results. Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center uses the Tri-Lase Q-Switched and Erbium YAG laser for the permanent removal of tattoos and treatment of pigmented lesions. The Tri-Lase system removes a wide variety of tattoos, ranging from professional to homemade or amateur as well as traumatic tattoos (when a substance is rubbed into a wound) and surgical tattoos.

When treating benign pigmented lesions and tattoo ink, the safety record of the Tri-Lase laser makes it possible to attain reliable and predictable clinical results with minimal risk of unfavorable reactions and textural changes to the skin. The Tri-Lase system selectively destroys the tattoo ink while preserving the surrounding healthy cellular structures. The skin’s immune system will then start cleansing the fragments from the body resulting in excellent clinical results that are easily obtained and replicable.

Professionally administered tattoos usually require 3 to 9 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart, which allows the body’s immune system to naturally remove the pigment fragments, but if a tattoo is older or if the ink was applied at greater depth, then successful treatment may take longer. Dr Ballentyne’s patients apply numbing cream to relieve discomfort. The cost per treatment starts at $200 for a business card size tattoo and increases based on the dimensions of the tattoo. Visit our website at to read more about laser tattoo removal or for more information, call Atlantic Plastic surgery Center at 1-800-633-6860.

About Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center:

Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center is the practice of New Hampshire plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Gray, since 1985. Dr. Gray is nationally and internationally recognized as the inventor of the scarless breast reduction, a revolutionary procedure that eliminates scars associated with the older, traditional method of breast reduction. He has a large following of satisfied patients from across New Hampshire, the United States and a number of foreign countries, who have sought him out for breast augmentation and scarless breast reduction. Dr. Gray has taught at educational conferences for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and is the only member of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons from New Hampshire.

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