Portsmouth, NH – Silicone implants have now been on the market for a little over 3 years. Dr. Lawrence Gray of Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center reports that, in that time period, he has seen better results with silicone implants than with saline breast implants. “Based on our experience, we feel that silicone implants are superior implants for more patients over saline for a number of reasons. We have not seen any ruptures or rippling, they feel more natural and we have seen less capsular contractures than with saline”, comments Dr. Gray.

Rippling, or a wrinkled appearance to the skin, is a common problem with saline implants in thin women. Silicone implants, (sometimes referred to as cohesive gel implants) are also soft to the touch and feel more like natural breast tissue. Saline feels less like natural breast tissue due to the liquid filling and may feel more firm when fully filled.

Silicone is now more popular than saline, as reported by both major breast implant companies, Allergan and Mentor. Silicone has been the preferred choice by over 90% of patients through out the world. Now that it is available in the United States, the popularity in the U.S. is rapidly increasing.

“There is also a better product guarantee when choosing silicone breast implants over saline”, reports Dr. Lawrence Gray. “With silicone implants, if you get a rupture within 10 years, which we have not seen at all since they have been back on the market, both breast implant companies cover the patient for $3,500 of the costs for removal and replacement and the implants are provided free of charge. With saline implants, if you get a rupture within 10 years, both breast implants companies cover the patient for $1,200, and the implants are provided free of charge. If you get a rupture at any point in time, both breast implant companies provide the replacement implants free of charge.”

Dr. Gray continues, “Talk with your surgeon about what to expect. Once you have considered all factors, you should be able to choose whether or not breast augmentation and specifically choosing silicone over saline implants, is the right option for you. For more information, contact Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center at 1-800-633-6860 or on line at atlanticplasticsurg.com.

About Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center:

Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center is the practice of New Hampshire plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence N. Gray, in practice here since 1985. He has earned a great deal of respect in both his local medical community and the national plastic surgical community through his many publications, technical skill and personal demeanor. Dr. Gray is nationally and internationally recognized as the inventor of the scarless breast reduction, a revolutionary procedure that eliminates scars associated with the older, traditional method of breast reduction. He has a large following of satisfied patients from across New Hampshire, the United States and a number of foreign countries, who have sought him out for breast augmentation and scarless breast reduction.

Additionally, Dr. Gray is a core investigator for the Mentor and Silimed silicone breast implant studies. Dr. Gray received the significant honor of being the only investigator for the Silimed Corporation’s Silicone study, which is pending FDA approval. Dr. Gray is expected to be the only source for adjustable silicone implants soon. Dr. Gray has taught at educational conferences for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and is the only member of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons from New Hampshire.

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