Male Breast Reduction

Lose the embarrassment. Gain self-confidence.

Male breast over-development, known medically as “gynecomastia,” is very common. Gynecomastia affects an estimated 40 to 60 percent of all men to some degree and can happen at any age.

How It Happens

A man’s breasts can increase in size with weight gain, age, hormonal changes or with the genetic tendency to do so. It often occurs during the teen years when the teenager may feel especially self- conscious about it. It also happens in older man who have had some weight gain and loss of muscle tone. The breasts can appear prominent and unnatural for a man.

Gynecomastia can cause significant emotional discomfort and loss of self-confidence, including avoidance of physical activities and intimacy. This anxiety is real and has a solution. Gynecomastia, male breast reduction surgery, can help you feel better about your appearance. Male breast reduction can restore a more toned look with less fullness in the breast area.

How It Is Treated

First, the patient is seen in consultation with Dr. Gray and examined. Dr. Gray gives the patient all the time he needs to express his concerns, ask questions and feel fully informed.

In the vast majority of cases gynecomastia is treated with liposuction only. During the procedure, one or two tiny insertions of a cannula are made in the breast area. Fat is withdrawn and the incision is closed. On occasion, glandular excision and sometimes skin removal maybe be suggested to firm and flatten the contour of the chest.


Recovery time is rapid and men are able to get back to their normal schedule within a few days. Many enjoy the brief time off. Compression garments are recommended to be worn for one week. The compression garment fits tightly and patients report that it makes them feel comfortable and secure. The patient is able to move around freely. It is recommended to not exercise for about 2 weeks.

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