By Dr. Lawrence N. Gray,
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

The ideal buttock shape varies in cultures around the world. In the United States, a smaller and trim buttock area has been the ideal for much of the last 50 years. We are now seeing a more curvaceous, muscular, sometimes protruding buttock shape coming into vogue.

If you are frustrated by a lack of curves or cannot attain the buttock shape, contour or balance you desire through diet and exercise a buttock shape changing surgery may be right for you. Board certified plastic surgeons are able to correct or improve the buttock area to become bigger, smaller, rounder, flatter or higher.

At Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center, we offer three options. First, buttock lift surgery, or gluteoplasty can lift and tighten the skin of the buttocks. Buttocks often droop and lose muscle tone as a result of weight loss, aging and gravity, or genetics. Excess skin can be removed and the surrounding tissue repositioned and tightened in a gluteoplasty procedure, creating a more youthful and pleasing body contour and making the buttocks less saggy, dimpled or wrinkled.

Second, buttock augmentation adds curve to a generally flat, not well-defined or square buttock region. Buttock augmentation increases the volume of the buttocks by injecting fat into the flat portion of the buttocks. Fat is harvested from another area of the body, purified and transferred to the buttocks to increase projection and creating a lifting effect. The results of this procedure, when properly performed, can be very pleasing.

Third, many men and women want smaller buttocks with less volume. For them, simple liposuction of the buttocks may be the right choice. Liposuction helps re-shape and re-contour your body by reducing the amount of fat cells in a given area, giving you a sleeker, more toned appearance. The best candidates for liposuction are men and women who have a relatively normal weight but have pockets of excess fat in a particular area and who have relatively firm, elastic skin.

Liposuction of the buttock area has been performed for decades and is a straightforward procedure for which many people who have excess fat are reasonable candidates. I have performed liposuction for 29 years in my practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Good candidates for any buttock shape changing surgery have a positive outlook and realistic goals for what surgery can accomplish and a commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition and fitness.

A consultation is the best way to determine which buttock changing surgery is best to help you attain your desired outcome. Collect and bring pictures that show what you want to achieve to your consultation. We will discuss your needs, expectations, medical conditions and all other pertinent health information. Together we can give you a more balanced and attractive figure.

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