Breast Implant Exchange

Change Your Size, Upgrade Your Implant Type, or Correct a Problem

Thinking about upgrading to gel or changing your size? Many women choose to have a breast augmentation procedure to add volume and fullness to their breasts and to enhance their body’s proportions. It is not uncommon for women to later choose to change their breast implants.

Women may choose to switch from saline to gel, from gel to saline or to increase or decrease the size of their breast implants. Upgrading or changing breast implants is very common and can be accomplished as easily or more so, than the original augmentation procedure. Regardless of the reason, Dr. Gray takes $1500 off the physician fee for all current patients returning for a breast implant upgrade or change.

Breast Implant Change/Upgrade Procedures:

Saline to Gel

Recently, gel implants became FDA approved and increasingly popular. Gel implants are a better product with less chance of rupture, have a better manufacturer’s guarantee and feel more natural.

Or perhaps you are concerned about changing out your implants before any leaks occur if you have had you implants for 15 years or longer or beyond the warranty. You can have your current implants changed out for gel implants at the same point of incision as the original breast augmentation. Any scar tissue formed around the original augmentation process will be cut out during the new breast augmentation process.

Gel to Saline

Very few women who have gel implants are interested in switching to saline. Nevertheless, Dr. Gray is able to remove your gel implants and replace them with saline if you so choose.

Implant Size Change/Upgrade

Often women are satisfied with the type of implant but may be interested in increasing their size. Dr. Gray will help you determine which size is right for you with respect to your wishes and in proportion to your body frame.

In all cases, Dr. Gray pays careful attention to detail to make sure your breasts are symmetrical and natural looking. Breast implant upgrade/change recovery time is the same as the recovery time for having an augmentation for the first time. We advise patients to take it easy for a week, but there is virtually no pain or discomfort in the recovery time when changing implants.

Digitally Try on Your New Breasts with Crisalix

Unsure of the difference between 300cc and 400cc? Want help choosing a natural result? Wondering how you will look after surgery? Discover your new you for free during a consultation with Dr. Gray using the Crisalix imaging system.

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