Breast Implant Removal

Breasts can return to an attractive, natural shape after implant removal.

Perhaps you no longer like the way your breasts look or perhaps you feel that your previous implant choice was too large. If you have chosen to remove breast implants for whatever reason, be assured that breast implants can be removed safely, with no additional scars and can still look attractive without implants.

You have the options to have a mastopexy or breast lift when they are removed in the case that your skin has some laxity. But, skin retracts when weight is released so any loose skin will improve. You and your surgeon will be able to make that decision together ahead of time with reasonable accuracy and get you back to feeling comfortable with your shape.

Surgical Options with Implant Removal:

Simple Removal

The most simple method of breast implant removal involves straight forward removal through the same incision used to insert and position the implants in the beginning. Breasts return to an attractive and natural position after only a few weeks of healing time.

With Implant Replacement

You may be interested in exploring the option of changing out your old implants with new ones. This may be a good opportunity to change size for a smaller look.

With Mastopexy (Breast Lift)

Everyone’s breasts begin to sag with age. Breasts augmented with large implants may be more prone to having skin laxity and low lying nipples. A breast lift may be the best option to move tissues around to provide higher positioned, younger looking breasts.


Breast implant removal is usually performed under IV sedation. Your surgery will be in our fully accredited surgical facility and return home that day after recovering.


Patients are advised to take a week off work and to avoid strenuous activity in order to ensure that you rest adequately although you will be the best judge of your personal recovery.

Q&A with Dr. Gray

RealSelf Q&A with Lawrence N. Gray, MD

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