Breast Augmentation

Beautiful, natural-looking results with Dr. Lawrence Gray

Well-proportioned, shapely breasts can be the key to having an attractive, well-balanced figure and help you feel more confident. Dr. Gray’s surgical expertise and 33 years of experience will help you achieve your goal.

Create the Look that is Right for You

A breast augmentation consultation at Atlantic Plastic Surgery & Medi Spa in Portsmouth, NH takes about an hour or longer. During your consultation, you will learn about each of the options for creating your ideal breast appearance. Dr. Gray will carefully go over each one with you. He will listen to your goals, answer your questions, and have a full discussion with you. Together, you will make the right choices for your body.

The Choices

Implant Size

This is perhaps the most important choice. Dr. Gray’s assistant will take you through the Crisalix imaging system which allows you to see how different implant sizes will look on your body. The Crisalix Imaging System may also assist in deciding if a breast lift may be helpful or necessary.

Dr. Gray strongly feels that patients should have a breast implant simulation experience wherever they go for surgery.

Implant Material (Silicone Gel or Saline)

Silicone gel breast implants are increasingly the material of choice by women seeking breast enhancement, as they have a more natural look and feel. The cost is slightly higher for silicone gel implants. Saline breast implants are filled with a saltwater solution similar to the saline found throughout your body. Saline implants feel firmer due to the liquid filling.

Implant Shape

The “Round” breast implant is designed to create a soft, natural look with a fuller upper breast contour. Dr. Gray uses round implants only.

Dr. Gray does not use what are called “shaped”, “teardrop” or “textured” implants as they have the added risk of rotation, are too firm, more expensive, and are associated with anaplastic large-cell lymphoma, a rare form of cancer.

Implant Profile

A breast implant profile tells the distance the implant will project from your body. Styles include low, moderate, and high profiles. Most women choose a moderate plus profile, but for patients with narrow breasts, a high profile or ultra-high profile implant may be recommended.

Implant Position

An implant is placed either above or below the pectoralis muscle. Dr. Gray does prefer the sub-pectoral (sub-muscular) placement, but the final decision belongs to the patient.

Implant Position
Breast implants are either placed above or below the pectoral muscle.

Implant Incision Site

An implant can be inserted by going in under the arm, at the peri-areolar rim, or under the fold. Dr. Gray does prefer the peri-areolar incision. but about 25% of patients will need an infra-mammary incision (under the breast).

Implants We Use

Ideal Implant

Before and After Photos

Digitally Try on Your New Breasts with Crisalix

Unsure of the difference between 300cc and 400cc? Want help choosing a natural result? Wondering how you will look after surgery? Discover your new you for free during a consultation with Dr. Gray using the Crisalix imaging system.



What Patients Say About Dr. Lawrence Gray:

“I was a very small 34A before my surgery. I showed Dr. Gray several pictures of what I wanted to look like. He helped me decide what size to be. Now I am a full 34C. I am extremely happy with my size!”


“I would say Dr. Gray is an artist. My friends can’t believe that he actually made my breasts look like the picture I had shown him. My recovery was speedy, I was back to work after 4 days and doing international travel for work 2 weeks later. All has been a wonderful experience for me.”


Q&A with Dr. Gray

RealSelf Q&A with Lawrence N. Gray, MD

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