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Dr. Lawrence N. Gray Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Medical Director Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center

New moms often battle baby weight. Many feel their bodies are not bouncing back even though they try to eat right and exercise. “It’s so hard to get back to the shape I was in before I had my children,” is what I often hear.

Mommy Makeover has been a popular trend across the United States for a few years now. In 2010, 112,000 tummy tucks were performed in the United States, up 85% from the previous decade. Breast lifts were up 70%. Most women who choose a Mommy Makeover are in their mid 30’s to late 40’s.

During pregnancy abdominal muscles and skin are stretched. Pregnancy and breast-feeding can change the shape and size of the breasts. They may go from facing outward and being full to pointing downward and being somewhat deflated. Some women are lucky. Their muscles seem to snap right back into their more youthful position and the breasts seem unaffected. But, for some women, the abdominal muscles the skin on their abdomen becomes loose, causing them to feel self-conscious.

A Mommy Makeover focuses on the areas most impacted by pregnancy. Multiple procedures are done at the same time for an efficient recovery, but mostly for the immediate boost to woman’s self-esteem. A Mommy Makeover most often consists of a combination of three procedures, usually breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck or liposuction, are performed together to restore a woman’s figure. The combination is customizable for the patient’s needs.

Mommy Makeover
Beth?s Mommy Makeover with Breast Augmentation

Beth, 40 years old, knew she wanted more breast volume than she actually had before she had her baby. While a breast augmentation would provide balance to her figure, she would benefit from a breast lift as well. Her breasts were pointing in a downward position from breast-feeding three children and as a normal result of aging.

Beth didn’t like that her abdomen was stretched and not returning to its former shape, no matter how much she exercised.

In a tummy tuck procedure, abdominal muscles are tightened, skin is pulled downward and excess skin and stretch marks are removed. I use my advanced “no drains” method, which provides an easier recovery with less discomfort.

A Mommy Makeover has a very high satisfaction rate and can significantly improve a woman’s self esteem. “I have my body back! I feel so much better about myself.” It’s very rewarding to hear that from my patients.

Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center Now Offering Ultherapy

Portsmouth, NH – Dr. Lawrence Gray and Dr. Heidi Harrington announced today that Ultherapy, the only non-invasive procedure FDA approved to lift skin on the neck, on the brow and under the chin, is now available at Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center.

Ultherapy is a non-surgical procedure for the face and neck that stimulates the body?s own natural healing process to lift the skin over time The use of FDA cleared ultrasound technology enables physicians, for the first time to see and then treat the deepest support layers of the skin?typically addressed in cosmetic surgery?without cutting of disrupting the surface of the skin.

Ultherapy represents a whole new category within aesthetic medicine?, says Dr. Gray. ?It is an ideal cosmetic procedure for those looking for natural yet noticeable results.?

The treatment takes about 90 minutes. Afterward, patients are able to return to normal activities right away, and there are no special measures they need to take.

With just on Ultherapy treatment, the lifting process is initiated, but the effect will build gradually over the course of two to three months, as new, stronger collagen and elastin are created. Further improvements can even appear up to six months following a procedure as this collagen building process continues.

While the results do not duplicate those of surgery, Ultherapy?s gradual improvements make is a compelling option for people who have mild to moderate skin laxity as well as those who want to ?stay ahead of the game? and those looking to prolong the effects of cosmetic surgery.

More than 100,000 Ultherapy treatments have been performed worldwide, Drs. Gray and Harrington are pleased to be at the forefront in the United States of this clinical advancement. Visit our website at to read more about Ultherapy. For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lawrence Gray or Dr. Heidi Harrington, call Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center at 1-800-633-6860.

About Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center:

Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center is the practice of New Hampshire plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Gray, since 1985. Dr. Gray is nationally and internationally recognized as the inventor of the scarless breast reduction, a procedure that eliminates scars associated with the older, traditional method of breast reduction. He has a large following of satisfied patients who have sought him out for breast augmentation and scarless breast reduction. Dr. Gray teaches at educational conferences for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and at the International Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Heidi Harrington is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery, both cosmetic and reconstructive.

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