A Guide to Selecting the Best Plastic Surgeon for You

Plastic surgery involvesmany choices

The first and most important step is selecting a surgeon you can trust. Today, many health care providers are performing plastic surgery procedures. That does not mean, however, that they are all qualified to perform plastic surgery.When you choose a doctor who is a member of theAmerican Society of Plastic Surgeons, you can be assured that your surgeon is well qualified to perform your surgery:

  • Members of theAmerican Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) are certified by theAmerican Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • TheAmerican Board of Plastic Surgery is approved by theAmerican Board ofMedical Specialties to certify physicians in plastic surgery of the face and all areas of the body.
  • ASPSMember Surgeons are trained, experienced and qualified to perform both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the face and all areas of the body.
  • Because many cosmetic procedures are rooted in reconstructive plastic surgery,ASPSMember Surgeons are uniquely qualified to handle your cosmetic needs.

Look for theAmerican Society of Plastic Surgery symbol

If you are contemplating have a plastic surgical procedure, educating yourself is an important first step. Review the following information to aid in your decision-making.

ASPS Member Surgeons have these outstanding qualifications

  • At least 6 years of training and experience in surgery, with 3 years specifically in plastic surgery
  • Trained and experienced in all plastic surgery procedures, including breast, body, face and reconstruction
  • Certification by theAmerican Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Operates only in accredited medical facilities
  • Adheres to a strict code of ethics
  • Fulfills continuing education requirements, including patient safety techniques
  • Has the commitment to be your partner, working to achieve your goals together

Questions to ask your plastic surgeon

  • Are you Board Certified?
  • How many times have you done this procedure?
  • What other medical staff will assist with the procedure?
  • Where will the procedure be performed?
  • Do you have hospital privileges or a certified facility in which to perform this procedure?
    (and at which hospitals?)
  • What type of anesthesia will be used during the procedure?
  • What are the risks associated with this procedure?
  • Can I see multiple before and after pictures of patients on whom you have performed the same or similar procedures?
  • What is the exact breakdown of fees for this procedure?

Your plastic surgeon should give you

  • Complete answers to all your questions
  • Time to listen to your feed back to his recommended treatment
  • Other alternatives where appropriate without pressure to agree to additional procedures
  • Clear answers about any risks and possible outcomes of surgery
  • Full information about the procedure you are interested in
  • Time for any additional questions or concerns you may have and to make your final decision

To learn more about choosing a plastic surgeon and about plastic surgical procedures, visit www.plasticsurgery.org

For more deatils please download the pdf
How To Choose A Plastic Surgeon

Increasing Numbers of Older Women Seeking Breast Augmentation

Portsmouth, NH – Dr. Lawrence Gray and Dr. Brannon Claytor are finding that more and more women in their 50’s are seeking breast enhancement. Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure performed to increase the volume (cup size) of the breasts and to improve the shape of the breasts using silicone or saline breast implants. Up until the past few years, most women who had breast augmentation have been in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Now, a significant number of women are having the procedure in their 50s and older, although their goals are sometimes different from the younger woman.

Drs. Gray and Claytor have a thorough discussion with the older woman to determine what her goals are: correction of volume, correction of shape, or correction of sagging breasts. The woman may simply want to increase the volume of her breast tissue, in which case, breast augmentation is the proper procedure. If the woman is looking to reduce sagging breasts as a result of age or is unhappy with the position or downward turn of her nipples, then a breast lift may be the more beneficial procedure. Oftentimes women have a breast lift along with breast augmentation. A breast augmentation with lift can be performed if the woman wants to increase the volume as well as correction of the shape or position of her breasts. Conversely, women who are seeking breast lift are often candidates for breast implants to recreate adequate volume in the breast tissue that has deflated with age.

Drs. Gray and Claytor, both board certified plastic surgeons, report that it is entirely safe for any women who is healthy enough for surgery to have breast augmentation, whatever her age. Many older women are in the best shape of their lives, but if they are not in good health, the woman may not be a good candidate for surgery. Drs. Gray and Claytor spend time talking to the potential patient about her general health and also whether or not her skin seems to heal as well as it did when she were younger. The elasticity of the skin can have an impact on how well breasts are able to support breast implants, and can affect quality and longevity of results. Both Dr. Gray and Dr. Claytor caution against smoking, which significantly diminishes skin health.

Over the past two decades, cosmetic surgery has changed and our attitudes toward it have relaxed. More and more people are making improvements to their appearance, notably, women past 50. Factors easing the choice for older patients to have a breast augmentation or another plastic surgical procedure is that the older patient is usually quite pleased that they are able to return to work or other activities quickly. They also like having breast augmentation or other procedures, such as tummy tuck or liposuction in a modern, private out patient surgical facility rather than a hospital. Visit our website at atlanticplasticsurg.com to read more about breast augmentation or for more information, call Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center at 1-800-633-6860.

About Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center:

Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center is the practice of New Hampshire plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Gray, since 1985. Dr. Gray is nationally and internationally recognized as the inventor of the scarless breast reduction, a revolutionary procedure that eliminates scars associated with the older, traditional method of breast reduction. He has a large following of satisfied patients from across New Hampshire, the United States and a number of foreign countries, who have sought him out for breast augmentation and scarless breast reduction. Dr. Gray has taught at educational conferences for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and is the only member of the International Society of Plastic Surgeons from New Hampshire. Dr. Mark Ballentyne is a highly skilled physician who has been Director of Medical Aesthetics at the Skin Wellness Center since 2003. Dr. Ballentyne is board-certified by the American Academy of Family Practice Physicians, is licensed to practice in New Hampshire and will be fully certified by the Board of Aesthetic Medicine in September 2011. He has established a strong reputation for his talent in administering dermal fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport injections, and Fraxel laser treatments. He is a national trainer for Allergan™. Dr. Brannon Claytor is board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as in hand surgery. Dr. Claytor is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, offering patients a high level of skill, outstanding training and commitment to excellence in cosmetic, reconstructive and hand surgery. He completed an additional year of training in breast microsurgery, oncologic reconstruction and hand microsurgery at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and was on the teaching faculty of the Lahey Clinic Medical Center.

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